Surprise Package – Play 2014


Magestic Spain, what an ideal place to take two weeks away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the classic british weather.

But the Tinsley family’s package holiday in Spain proves to be an even greater change from Blackpool than expected. To start with, it seems young Ron had persuaded his father to book the same hotel as Gloria, the girl Ron loves despite the disapproval of her mother, who also turns up. Everyone becomes involved in general misunderstandings, and a final surprise shatters everyone.

Directled by Fiona Burdsall, who was responsible for the hit play “Happiest Days of our Lives” (2012) and written by the superb Duncan Greenwood who creates his own wry spin on the classic comedic british farce, Surprise Package has it all, laughs a plenty, a host of hilariously odd ball characters and a plot that twist and turns with one last surprise that is sure to bring the house down.

So join us on the smallest of the Balleric islands, Formentera, and spend some time in the luxurious resort of Pension Maria. Don’t forget your suncream!

The cast of Surpise Package is (in order of appearance) :

Juanito – Andrew Pearson

Fritz Grotz – Ian Bandy

Alfred Tinsley – Kevin Dye

Ron Tinsley – Mike Gillland

Nora Tinsley – Denise Garland

Grandma Hardcastle – Shelia Mccann

Elsie Hardcastle – Debbie Dickinson

Mildred Armitage – Jane Nugent

Gloria Armitage – Helen Ricketts

Rosita – Sian Parry

Greta – Diane Lott


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