How To Register

Anyone can view the website but you can also register to leave comments on the articles and receive emails such as an extra password for the members’ area, where there will be exclusive content for the members of the Hawarden players.

To register follow these simple steps.

1. Click on the register link which will be on your right under the Calendar, Facebook and newsletter sections and directly under “Log In”.
2. There you will asked for a username and a password
3. Enter a username – this is usually your name forename and surname with no spaces or initial and surname, so for example JOHNSMITH would be ok, JSMITH and SMITHJ would also be OK, but JOHN SMITH, J SMITH, OR SMITH J, would not be.
4. Then enter your email address, double checking that it is the correct one.
5. Click Register and your password will be emailed over.
6. The password will be a random collection of letters and numbers.
7. Go back to and click on “Log in” which again will be on your right hand side of the screen.
8. Enter your user name and the new password you have been sent
9. Once you have done this you will be taken into an admin page where you can modify your profile on the website
10. You can enter your name, a nickname (which will then become an option to display the name you would like to see if you comment on any of the elements of the website) and any other information you would like to share with others.
11. You can also now change your password from the random collection of numbers and letters to something more memorable, if you forget it, you can always ask the website to send you a reminder to your email address.
12. Click “update profile” to save your changes

Any problems you can contact us via emails

2 thoughts on “How To Register

  1. We are interested in becoming involved in an amateur dramatics group. We both have had considerable experience in performance and production in the past.Your group sounds interesting in that it would appear to combine dramatics with a social element. We would be glad to provide further details of our experience. Look forward to hearing from you.

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